Information and Communications Technology Department

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Maintained by the Information and Communications Technology Department, this page shall help you out in the most common queries you have about IT operations, encounters, procedures and concerns. ICT Department personnel and students could see right at their stations how to transact online, how to post events, what steps to take to get what is needed, and what to do with most common glitches if there are any. So feel free to browse over and look for the items that you need to know. With IT Web Page, you could be an empowered IT user which this community ought to be.

ICT Department Objective:

The primary objective of the Management Information Systems Department is to provide and deliver technical support and assistance on both hardware and software for all administrative functions using the latest hardware technology available and software applications. ICT works closely with system end users to define, design and implement solutions which meet user needs and provides in-house maintenance, troubleshooting and training for office personnel on different level of IT applications. With the generation of computer-based information systems, the main goal of the management is to improve its position in the academic community and gain better leverage against its competitors.