Integrated On-line System : Developed and Maintained by DevTeam-ICT of SSCR de Cavite.


Integrated On-line System (IOnSys) you've been waiting for. designed for SSCR , we optimized IOnSys for ease-of-use, flexibility and power to handle biggest school administration tasks. Now administrators, teachers, and parents can connect in a seamless, real time environment that's as simple as using the internet.

Web Based?

IOnSys - works entirely online through your web browser. This gives the flexibility for all staff members to work from school, home or anywhere internet access is available. You don't need any special hardware or software, and IOnSys runs on Mac OS and Windows, with basic iPhone/iPad and Android functionality.


Inspired by the look and feel of a traditional SIGM, IOnSys offers the advantages of instantly calculating final grades, and remarks of the a click of a button.


Students can access grades, accounts, schedules , teacher comments and up-coming assignments or even exams on-line. Automatic Grade Monitoring sends parents automatic email alerts about their child's current progress. All of which can help contribute to a happier home on report card day.

There is an App

Safe and Secure Data

All IOnSys accounts are protected by a secure login and data gets backed up and archived off-site daily. Even if your PC fails or is stolen, data remains safe at IOnSys.


Developed by Combining the following Technologies
[HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Ajax
| jQuery API, Bootstrap Framework v3.3.4, Laravel 5, PHP Framework 5.5.12, Apache 2.4.9]