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Main Campus
Manila-Cavite Road, Sta. Cruz, 4100, Cavite City Philippines
Phone: (046) 431-0861
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Cañacao Campus
Padre Burgos St., Bo. Rosario, San Roque, 4100, Cavite City Philippines
Phone: 504-1810-13 / 431-8087
Fax: 504-1810-13 loc. 515

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  • Provide help-desk and on-site technical support for all institutional functions on both hardware and software.
  • Provide both secured and non-secured information to the administrative offices regarded that there are proper authorization.
  • Perform system diagnosis, repair and updates to ensure data integrity; and reliability on all automated tasks of the institution.
  • Install and maintain both software and hardware including network  system.
  • Diagnose and resolve problems on both hardware and software including network systems of the institution.
  • Interact with users to identify computer related needs and provide appropriate software/hardware support applicable to their needs.
  • Ensure updates of anti-virus software and share necessary information with users regarding potential risks.
  • Track and maintain accurate inventory of all of institutional computing equipment.
  • Provide training and instructional guide to staff on the proper use of computer applications and systems.
  • Generate reports as requested by the administration officers of the institution.
  • Ensure routine backups are performed as outlined by the Backup & Restore Manual.
  • Coordinates and administers the maintenance and updating of web site and intranet connection.
  • Develop automated systems requested by administrative office for the improvement of institutional services.
  • Research and develop information technology hardware and software upgrade plans and implementations.
  • Provides data transfer services such as terminal to terminal transfer, file conversion and other related functions.
  • Provide opportunities for students to showcase their skills by offering an on-the-job training program and to fine tune their analytical, technical and programming skills to its full potential.
  • Provide internal telecommunication services such as telephone logging database, maintenance and repair and PABX management.
  • Maintains campus to campus network connections.
  • Provides technical assistance to institutional activities and events that need specific IT resources on its technical aspects.

The primary objective of the Information and Communications Technology Department is to provide and deliver technical support and assistance on both hardware and software for all administrative functions using the latest hardware technology available and software applications. ICT works closely with systems end users to define, design and implement solutions which meet users needs and provides in-house maintenance, troubleshooting and training for office personnel on different level of IT applications. With the generation of computer-based information systems, the main goal of the management is to improve its position in the academic community and gain better leverage against its competitors.

(046) 431-7011 loc. 709

ICT Department, SA 200-B 2F,
St. Augustine Building

Mr. Ricardo S. Aguilar Jr.
ICT Supervisor

Information and Communications Technology Department