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Explore the World of Knowledge with Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

This academic year, the Library's subscription to Encyclopaedia Britannica - School Edition has been renewed.  To access the database, log-on to http://school.ebonline.com/.  For inquiries, please call us at local 741.

Ncomputing     Deployed    to    Improve    Library's    Internet  and Information Services

The institution has deployed nComputing  Lseries devices at STVLibraries to improve its Internet and information services.  This is a cost-effective solution in providing access to information in a networked environment.

nComputing’s hardware and software technology allows a single PC to be shared by as many simultaneous users and each user can get a rich PC experience that is generally undistinguishable from having a dedicated PC—except for the fact that the nComputing access terminal is small, silent, and reliable. MRB|03.05.2013

Wireless Access @ the Library & Media Center

Free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access is available at the Main Library, High School Library and Instructional Media Center’s Audiovisual Rooms (Main Campus only).  Grab your laptop and visit your academic library and media center.  Stay connected @ your library…  

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Lifelong Learning Initiative

2013 Library & Information Literacy Education Program

25 June  - 27 July 2013 | All Levels

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2013-2014 Library Satisfaction Survey

February -  March 2014  

Service Enhancement

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November 2013  

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March 2014

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November 2013